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supporting your needs and those of your customers

Whether your company designs or manufactures products, retails or resells goods or services to another company, or is an agency or an independent consultant, IT has become an integral part of your daily operations and interactions with your business partners. Managed IT Services for B2B requires greater collaboration, better and more seamless integration and smarter use of cloud technology to find better efficiencies and profitability for all parties.

The very nature of the B2B industry requires greater collaboration between all partners. The well integrated and strategic use of off-the-shelf cloud platforms can deliver seamless collaboration between all parties, without the overhead of custom and laborious solutions. At Exigence, we base our solutions on industry best practices and many years of experience.

leveraging cloud - the smart way

While "Cloud" is no longer the buzz word it used to be, using cloud services the right way can significantly reduce your capital expenditure and operational costs.

As a cloud migration expert, Exigence will analyse your current IT infrastructure, build Total Cost of Ownership model and compare it against cloud running costs. Only then an IT strategy can be developed that not only aligns with business requirements but reduces your costs.

By becoming our client you will align yourself with Australia's leading IT experts in the cloud space. We have the depth of knowledge and expertise to recommend cloud services specific for your business requirements.

Last but not least, we evaluate each cloud provider to ensure that they have adequate oversight over their internal IT systems, including requesting a SOC (Service Organisation Controls) Type 2 report.

mobility and collaboration = productivity and success

Business interaction between various B2B organisations, place unique demands on technology, from around the clock access, to IT systems, to mobility and data security. Exigence understands the challenges of the B2B industry and have developed a simple and effective strategy for solving the unique challenges of this industry. As your managed IT services provider, we will ensure that your workforce has access to all tools they need, when they need it.

We offer proactive remediation of all issues and strategic IT guidance as required. We have hands-on expertise in supporting technologies that underpin your daily business requirements

cybersecurity and data protection

Compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) has placed a greater emphasis on cybersecurity for the Professional Services industry. Protecting your data and that of both your vendors and clients is now your responsibility. Exigence will take the responsibility for staying ahead of cyber-criminals and ensuring that your data is protected. We do this by proactively monitoring all of your systems for any nefarious activities. We employ Mobile Device Management (MDM) systems and conditional access policies to ensure that your data remains private.

Exigence has the skills and proven methodology to protect your business and your client's personal information. Using cost-effective approach, we align your systems with the Australian Signals Directorate’s 'Essential Eight' controls to ensure emphasis on Cybersecurity and Data Privacy.

Unfortunately, it's all too common for Professional Services organisations to select IT providers based on simply ticking a set of boxes, e.g antivirus - yes, backups - yes, etc. and then looking at the price. The problem with this approach is that is provides a false sense of security. Our approach ensures that what we propose legitimately addresses all of your security and privacy issues.