Information Security Risk Assessment

Organisations are seeking greater visibility and insight into the effectiveness of controls and compliance across their operations to ensure commitment to investors and to gain customer confidence.

  • Evaluate your information Security risks on an organisation-wide basis
  • Identify critical gaps in your cyber security approach
  • 360-degree coverage of people, processes technology and third-party partners
  • Provide a practical remediation roadmap
  • Quick, cost effective solution to starting your implementation journey

When was the last time you checked your IT Security Posture?

  • Merck Pharmaceuticals and UK National Health Services were one of the largest profile victims of recent crypto attacks
  • Organisational Boards and Executive have a legally mandated duty of care for their “information security”
  • Security breaches need to be notified to affected parties
  • The critical vulnerability areas are related to information exchange between various partners, entities, organisations, and consultants

Some of the most common exploits

  • Theft of company information - External hackers and dissatisfied employees steal company information and customer lists
  • Website defacement - Hackers corrupt your website to benefit competitors
  • Phishing attacks - Email is designed to look like legitimate correspondence that tricks recipients into clicking on a link that installs malware on the system
  • Ransomware - Types of malicious software block access to a computer so that criminals can hold your data for ransom
  • Data loss due to natural events and accidents

Getting Started

We facilitate the entire process and work side by side with your team to ensure you get the desired outcome for your business.

  • Call Exigence
  • Meet with our awesome Security Consultants
  • Arrange a Security Audit
  • We then provide a Remediation Roadmap
  • You're on your way!

Risk Assessment SNAPSHOT

  • Based on ASD Essential Eight, CIS’s CSC Top 20, NIST
  • Includes Cloud Applications and Services
  • Non-Intrusive Health Check
  • Facilitates Governance and Compliance
  • Improve Cyber Security defences
  • Provides Remediation roadmap
  • Protect your intellectual property Raises Awareness

Why choose Exigence?

  • Experts in Cybersecurity and Risk Management
  • Experts in Australian privacy principles and regulations
  • Assessment program based on international established standards and designed using ‘Australian Signals
  • Directorate’ and ‘Centre for Internet Security’ recommendations Industry leaders integrating Governance, Risk and
  • Compliance into technology solutions rest