IT Governance, Risk and Compliance

Organisations are seeking greater visibility and insight into the effectiveness of controls and compliance across their operations to ensure commitment to investors and to gain customer confidence.


As reliance on IT services increases, management needs to be more aware of critical IT risks and potential impact on business if they aren't being managed. Lack of transparency when making significant IT decisions can lead to a reluctance to take risks and a failure to seize technology opportunities.

Exigence has been intimately involved in helping organisations navigate the regulatory compliance landscape for over a decade. By utilising our integrated approach in managing IT governance, risk & compliance, Exigence allows you to focus on your core business strategy.

We have adopted best in industry frameworks such as COBIT & ITIL, our model is built on a risk based top-down approach which ensures:

  • Alignment - IT objectives are constantly aligned to the business strategy;
  • Value Delivery - Improved understanding of overall IT costs and their input to ROI cases
  • Risk Management - Identification and management of IT related risks to the business.
  • Consistent, Transparent & Measurable management of IT operations
  • Availability, security and continuity of IT services.
  • Quality and reliability of service – no embarrassments.
  • An integrated approach to meeting external legal and regulatory requirements such as SOX, HIPAA, PCI, APRA etc.
  • Responsiveness and nimbleness to changing conditions

Using our IT Governance model framework, one of the greatest benefits that we provide our clients is Performance Measurement - the advantage of knowing whether the 'ship is on course'.



Our compliance services can be tailored to your requirements. Whether you just need a compliance audit of your IT environment, review of your policies & procedures or a complete turn key solution, Exigence will address your requirements. If you choose to engage Exigence to manage or update your IT infrastructure, our IT Services will be structured and delivered in line with your compliance and regulatory requirements.

By ensuring a governance & risk based approach in developing services & solutions for its clients, Exigence's offers a path to achieve regulatory compliances such as SOX, HIPAA, PCI, APRA, ISO 27001 and GDPR.